Astro-Finance Method

Predicting financial markets through Astrology


Osher is Financial Astrologer, developer of ÔÇťAstro Finance method" since 2016 predicting markets months ahead (time, momentum &Price). Astro -Finance method is based on exclusive algorithm that combines sacred math, geometry, Tropical & Sidereal astrology on top universal technical analysis. Since started Osher keeps on improving the Astro-Finance algorithm and to provide for investors more exact price projection & timing 6 months ahead or more.


Weekly Crypto Forecast (BTC, ETH, XRP)

Every Thursday Osher publishes to members 1 month ahead prediction for main 3 cryptocurrencies; Members of "live chart" can access 24/7 Osher's charts to unveil until 6 months ahead.

Commodities Forecasts (OIL & GOLD)

Every Tuesday Osher publishes to monthly members 1 month ahead prediction to both OIL & GOLD. Members of "Live chart" can unveil prediction until maximum 6 months ahead.


It's possible to generate predictions to any index / stock / crypto after 9 since indexed.


  • Personal readings (45 or 90 minutes)
  • Relocation analysis
  • Profession (soul mission) consultation
  • Spiritual teacher (Life Coach)
  • Community builder
  • Video blogger
  • Public speaker